Untried Heart


What happens when perfection is too perfect?

Eugenie, a young and untried guardian angel, loves her life in Heaven, yet something is missing. When she is finally assigned her first interactive case, she hopes if it will provide the excitement she craves.

Her client, Benjamin Davis, is certainly interesting enough. Is he the key to her happiness? Or will the unexpected discovery of a relic from her past cause too many complications?

With the guidance of her superior, the Archangel Michael, and additional help from Zeke, an up and coming GA, Eugenie sets out on an adventure that could change her life in ways she never expected.

Untried Heart is the second installment in the Hearts and Halos series by Nicky Charles and Jan Gordon.

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Excerpt #1

Another peek in his direction showed him now running his hands over some carved detail he’d created. He caressed the wood, tracing the curves, stroking his fingers up and down the smooth spindles, before leaning forwards and blowing gently on the wood to remove a bit of sawdust. Her mouth grew dry as she watched him, somehow imagining it was her body, her skin, he was touching, his breath feathering her ear...

Her wayward thoughts had her fanning herself, her skin becoming heated from within.

“Warm today, isn’t it? Here.”

With a start, she realized Ben was standing in front of her, a bottle of water extended toward her.

“Thanks.” She cleared her throat. “Yes, it does seem quite warm today.”

Excerpt #2

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Ben’s voice boomed behind her.

She turned to look at him just as Chip decided it was the time to rush by barking at some unseen creature. As the dog brushed past her, she found herself falling. A cry of surprise escaped her and she closed her eyes, expecting to hit the ground but instead was encased in strong, warm arms. Looking up, she found her face extremely close to Ben’s, her breasts pressed to his chest. She could feel the thumping of his heart, the light brush of his breath against her skin. Inhaling, she was struck by his scent, a fascinating mixture of man and fresh sawdust. Her mouth suddenly seeming dry, she licked her lips and slowly moved her gaze over his mouth up to his eyes. They were staring intently at her and she felt his grip tighten before he set her down with a decided thump.

“Next time you need to reach something, you ask for help.” His voice was gruff as he moved away.

Author's Note

As so many of my characters do, Eugenie started as a bit player. She had a walk-on role in In the Cards and that was supposed to be it. However, once that story was done, Jan and I began to discuss the possibility of continuing the series and there, quietly in the background, was Eugenie tentatively raising her hand. Jan had her doubts and, I must confess, so did I. Eugenie's name was all wrong for a heroine. She had no background. She hadn't even been described at any length. All we knew was that she'd left Michael's office studying a file! But, as it turned out, that was enough to spark my muse and soon Jan was on board as well!

What readers are saying....

“… a "tug at your heartstrings" story that made me believe in Angels. If you love happy romance endings, this book is the one for you.” – Nydia (Goodreads)

“…an amazing story from start to finish. Love, love, love this book! A must read!”

– Melonie (Goodreads)

"A very heartwarming and sweet story. I loved how strong of a character the heroine was." - Anonymous (B&N)

"When you put two amazing authors like Nicky Charles and Jan Gordon together you get yet another amazing book!" - Kalia (Amazon)