Kane: I am Alpha


After surviving the leadership challenge, being Alpha should be easy, right? But Kane’s illusions are soon shattered as the demands on him escalate. His half-brother seems to have gone rogue, an old flame is becoming clingy, the pack’s water supply has been contaminated by an oil spill and now…the Council of Elders are proposing a political mating! What’s an Alpha to do?

A treat for die-hard fans, Kane: I Am Alpha presents Kane’s viewpoint on the original Law of the Lycan’s novel, The Mating.

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“You’d make a great picture, Kane.” Ryne raised his camera.

“That’s a wonderful idea.” Marla clapped her hands. “Kane, you’re so handsome, everyone will be fawning over a picture of you.”

“I thought I was the handsome one?” Ryne quirked a brow at her and she laughed.

“You’re a sexy, dashing devil and you know it, Ryne Taylor.”

Ryne bent and gave her a thorough kiss. “And don’t you forget it.” He turned towards his brother and began to focus the camera. “Give me a smile, Kane.”

A growl from his intended subject caused Ryne to pause. “Now don’t go all wolfie on me, Kane. I know you don’t want any humans to see pictures of Lycans. This would just be for family.”

He hesitated and Ryne pressed his point.

“It could be a Christmas present for Helen. You know she dotes on you.”

He cocked his head and then sighed, giving his permission.

“Great.” Ryne quickly began snapping pictures from various angles.

Finally tired, the wolf yawned and shifted to human form. “That’s enough, Ryne. I’m supposed to be working not acting like some pin-up boy.”

Marla grinned. “And a fine pin-up boy you’d be.”

“Again with praising Kane?” Ryne scowled. “It seems you need a lesson on which brother you belong to.”

Marla stood and pressed herself to him. “I can’t wait.”

Kane rolled his eyes. “Why don’t you two get a room?”

“Because Marla already has an apartment,” Ryne winked. “You must be getting senile. You were the one who helped her get it.”

“Senile? You’re the older brother.” He raised one brow. “You might want to get Marla to pluck those grey hairs.”

Ryne caught himself in the act of raising a hand to his temple. “I don’t have grey hair.”

“Of course you don’t.” Kane then winked at Marla. “Right, Marla?”

She laughed and shook her head. “You two, always joking.”

“It’s what brothers do best.” He grinned

Author's Note

This novella was written in response to the ongoing requests to hear Kane’s side of The Mating, the original Law of the Lycans story. Please be aware it took considerable time and extensive cajoling to get him to agree to an interview. As he informed me on more than one occasion, an Alpha is a very busy individual and any spare time he has would be better spent with his mate and pups rather than humouring an author.

(Hmph! For the record, I was quite proud of my self-restraint during such moments when I bit my tongue rather than remind him that I am the person who created him. However, Kane might be surprised at the retribution I dish out to him in future stories!)

On that note, I’d like to state that any anomalies between this text and previously written stories are solely the result of Kane’s absent-minded replies to my questions rather than a lack of fact checking on my part. Please direct any complaints towards him and not me!

What readers are saying....

Reading Kane's point of view made me fall in love with him all over again

~ Pat (Goodreads)

Nicky, as always, has me wanting more

~ Melonie (Goodreads)

If you love the Law of the Lycan's series, I highly recommend this book

~Norma (Goodreads)