In The Cards


written with Jan Gordon

There are regulations governing the relationship between a guardian angel and their charge, boundaries that shouldn’t be crossed. So what happens when a guardian angel falls in love with his current assignment? And when the human returns those feelings, how many rules will that guardian angel break in order to save his love? Alex and Emma are caught between two worlds. Will their love be enough?

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“Everyone is dealt a hand in life. Some seem to have a guaranteed win; kings, queens, aces. Others have lowly threes and fours on their cards. They seem destined to lose but any skilled card play knows it’s how you and the others at the table use the cards that matters. Any number of factors can affect the outcome.”

Author’s Note

So why did Jan and I take this plunge? Well, it’s really Jan’s fault, LOL. In 2014, she signed us up to write a short Christmas story for a fan-based webpage we both belong to. The idea of writing together sounded like fun. We’d done it once before, creating a short cross-over story between her panther universe and my Lycan one. The final product was entitled “An Unnatural Alliance” and can be found in Jan’s anthology “Life in the Shadows”

With that successful venture in the back of my mind, I agreed to the Christmas story project. It was supposed to be a few thousand words. How long could that take? We’d whip something together and be done with it.

Well, as often happens, that simple project kept growing and evolving, taking far longer than either of us planned. Once we were done, I was quite enchanted with the tale and began to prod Jan about publishing it. She wasn’t overly keen on the idea but I knew the story had potential. I started tweaking it and then passed it back to her. She added a bit and sent it back to me. We continued in this manner for most of the year and now neither of us can tell who wrote which part! It doesn’t really matter though. The end product is something we are both very pleased with and hope you will enjoy.

What readers are saying...

In the Cards is a delightful, smooth, easy read. Not only was it a lovely, heartwarming story, but the writing was tight and precise…”

--Barbara Monajem, award-winning author

“Nicky Charles and Jan Gordon are two truly talented authors. The imagery the duo paints with words is truly artistic, and beyond beautiful.”

--Book Banshee