My Books

Currently, I have two series and one standalone book. The series are 'Law of the Lycans' and 'Hearts & Halos', the later being co-written with my friend and editor, Jan Gordon.

Law of the Lycans

This a series of paranormal romances, featuring Alpha males and dangerous rogues, steamy love scenes, suspense, action and, of course, happily-ever-afters. Based around an ancient tome called the Book of the Law, each novel reveals a new twist, a new layer within the Lycan universe.

Currently there are 10 books in the series. Information on each book, excerpts and buy links can be found on the drop down menu .


Hearts & Halos

Archangel Michael tries to keep his squadron in check with a rule book of 3,822 regulations. Yet there are times when even that doesn't seem to be enough! Is he in danger of losing his team to love? That could seriously put a damper on his ability to help humanity. But when it comes to hearts and halos, anything can happen! A series of heart-warming, angelic tales.

There are currently two books in the series with plans for two more

The Time Series

Forever In Time was the first book I ever wrote and is currently a standalone. I had plans to write a sequel but then my Lycan books took off and I've not had a spare minute since! I still hope to return to this story line someday but exactly when, I'm not sure

Hearts & Halos

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Hardcovers and paperbacks are now available as well!


Warning: Please note that my books contain mature subject matter (sex, some language and violence) and are intended for adult readers.