For The Good of All


“For the good of all isn’t necessarily pretty. I’ll likely rot in Hell when I die.”

Elijah Stone – a man committed to justice; his heart is as hard as his body. Held prisoner for years, he returns home to tie up loose ends only to find a psychedelic witch capturing his attention. When a rescue mission to Central America spins out of control, he’s forced to make a difficult decision.

Every action has its own consequences. Can he live with the results, even if it is “For the Good of All”?

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Excerpt #1

“Looking too serious there, Stone.” Tina breezed by, her throwaway comment jerking him from his introspection. She expertly mixed some fruity concoction in a blender, added a liberal amount of alcohol and then poured it into the glasses she had arranged on a tray.

“Is looking serious against club policy?”

“It is on my shift.” She hefted the tray to shoulder height and prepared to make her way through the crowd. “I’ll be back in a few. I want to see you looking happier or I’ll have to take matters into my own hands.”

“I’m trembling with fear.”

“And so you should be.” She leaned closer and spoke in a whisper. “My spells have been known to bring a man to his knees.”

Excerpt #2

“Christina.” He leaned forward and whispered in her ear.

She blinked, her eyes losing some of their unfocused look. “Mmm?”

“Are your neighbours light sleepers?”

“I…I don’t know. Why?”

“Because tonight I’m going to make you scream louder than you ever have before.”

Her breathing hitched and he allowed the hint of a smile to curve his mouth.

“I’m going to take you hard, fill you so deep you’ll never be able to forget the feeling. Do you like that idea?”

She licked her lips and swallowed before slowly nodding. “Y...yes. Please.”

“Good. Because I like it, too.”

Excerpt #3

“I had a vision.”

Ah. Gwyneth hated having visions. They always put her in a bad mood.

“What was it about?” Tina didn’t really want to know. She wanted to get back to the bar in case there was a chance she could catch a word or two of Stone and Reno’s conversation. Still, one had to tread carefully around the older witch and a show of interest might be prudent.

Gwyneth gave a nod of approval and leaned back in her chair, her eyes half closed as if she were seeing the vision again. “It was about a wolf and witch. They were facing each other, bathed in a pool of silver light. The witch stretched out her hand but the wolf bared its teeth, snapping and growling. She didn’t heed its warning but continued to step closer. It lunged at the witch and the light that had surrounded her changed from silver to blood red. Then the witch vanished from sight completely leaving the wolf howling in the darkness.”

“Oh.” Tina tried to hold back a shiver as a chill washed over her.

Author’s Note

The character, Stone, was inspired by a picture I saw on the internet. It was taken by a very talented photographer named Michael Stokes: As soon as I saw the soldier ideas for a character sprang to life in my head.

As a contrast to Stone, the character of Tina came to mind. Tina had appeared as Sam’s friend in The Road to Redemption. She worked at Club Mystique as a barmaid and couldn’t be more different from Stone if she tried!.

What readers are saying...

“…a compelling story that pulls the reader in…”

“Romance and adventure? What more do you need?”

“…one of the best paranormal series out there.”

“Wow! I have so much I want to say about this book. It's darker than Nicky's previous books but boy, it was astounding!! Tackling real life issues well is a huge goal, which Nicky accomplishes in a sensitive manner. This had me mad with rage and crying as Nicky took me from one chapter to the next.”

--S.D. Stevens