Reading Order

I get a lot of questions about the reading order of my books. There are essentially two strands: one involving Kane and Ryne, and the other involving Reno and Damien. However, the two strands overlap both with respect to plot and characters. (My brain is weird that way!)

Basically, you can read the stories in the order I wrote them, or in the timeline order and readers can be divided as to which is the best.

Does that sound complicate? It is!

Let me explain further....

As Written Order

Personally, I recommend reading the books in the order I wrote them. It makes sense to me as an author as it shows the progression of my writing skills, as well as grouping the strands.

The order in which they were written goes as follows:

The Mating, The Keeping and The Finding.

These were the first three books I wrote and introduce you to Kane and Ryne. Several few years later, in response to the demands of my fans, I penned a short novella called Kane: I am Alpha. It technically comes before The Mating but contains some spoilers so I suggest reading it after and then going on to The Keeping and The Finding

Bonded, Betrayed: Days of the Rogue and

Betrayed: Book Two - The Road to Redemption.

These are the next three books I wrote and follow the Reno and Damien strand. These books really introduce you to the Lycan Universe and I feel my writing stride with these books.

For the Good of All, Deceit can be Deadly, and Veil of Lies

These are my most recent books. In them you will see my Lycan universe is expanding, plot lines twisting and intertwining and supporting characters are finally getting a chance to tell their stories.

Time Line Reading Order

If you want to be adventuresome and follow the timeline, the graphic below would show the order. There is some overlap of events as several of the plots run concurrent with each other.

Kane: I am Alpha
The Mating
Days of the Rogue
The Keeping
The Finding
Road to Redemption
For the Good of All
Veil of Lies
Deceit can be Deadly