Deceit can be Deadly


Gwyneth has no use for Lycans but a string of dead bodies has brought one of the dogs right to her door. Can he be trusted or is he merely accomplished at deception? And why do the murders seem to lead right to the heart of the Universal Coven to which she belongs?

Meet Gwyneth O’Donohue – a powerful witch with an attitude, Matthias Bendov – a soft-hearted werebear, and Dante Esparza – a Lycan and soldier of fortune who has a score to settle.

Love clashes with an ancient curse in the latest instalment of the Law of the Lycans.

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He waited a minute, once again listening and scenting the air, watching for signs of movement. It could be a trap, doubtful but a few moments of caution cost him nothing. One minute passed, then another. Finally, he stepped into the building and scanned the area.

The interior was dark, but it wasn’t hard to locate the body. Moonlight filtered in through the broken windows highlighting the mutilated remains in a macabre manner.

Frozen in place, he took a deep breath to force back the bile that rose in his throat. Even at this distance he could see the horror before him. It wasn’t the first time he’d come across such a scene. Each was burned into his brain in excruciatingly grotesque detail.

Burn marks on the ground in the shape of a large circle surrounded the body. It was the woman he’d seen earlier on the street corner. Her eyes were wide open, a look of horror on her face as she lay in a pool of her own blood. And the most telling sign of all, a gaping cavity where her heart had been.

Black magic.

He’d hoped he was wrong but there was no denying the signs. Testing the air, he picked up the scent of the killer but knew it would be of little use. There’d be no trail to follow. The malefic witch always seemed to disappear into thin air.

Firming his jaw, he approached the body and crouched beside it. Using a cloth to ensure he’d leave no finger prints, he checked her clutch purse for a cellphone. He might be a bastard who’d lived most of his life on the wrong side of the law but there was some decency left in him. An anonymous call to 911 would ensure her body wasn’t eaten by rats.

Author's Note

When Dante first appeared in Road to Redemption, my editor, Jan Gordon, was enthralled and claimed he intrigued her. Me....not so much. You see, I knew Dante for what he was and had his fate all planned out. When writing For the Good of All, Dante was supposed to die. Everything was in place for the fateful event and then...Dante started to plead his case. He had a story, there was more to him than met the eye. After some hesitating, I relented and decided to give him a chance to explain his actions. Deceit can be Deadly was the result!

What readers are saying....

Absolutely brilliant but then I didn't expect anything less! Action, love, sass and Alphas! … One of the best writers in this genre… - A.B.

"Another amazing read from an awesome author. All Charles' books will leave you breathless in anticipation. Roll on the next one." –S (Goodreads)

I love this series! -P.K.