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Forever In Time

Forever In Time


She was in there, he knew it.  He’d been following her for weeks and knew every move she made.  There would be no escaping him.  Time was on his side. 

Stephanie thought she was ordinary.  Her life was stable, or at least it was until the stranger appeared.  Was he the answer to her dreams or a nightmare in a suave disguise? 

The past and the present intertwine in this thrilling tale of romantic suspense.


Excerpt #1

 “You’re beautiful, Steph, so beautiful.”  Slowly he reached out and skimmed his hands down her body to her hips.  Pulling her closer, he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her softly.  This wasn’t his perfect fantasy, but the warm steamy air from the shower came a close second to candlelight and music.  “Are you sure?  Is this what you really want?”  He murmured the words against her lips.

 Excerpt #2

 Once he’d called her at home and just listened to the sound of her saying hello over and over, before finally hanging up. 


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Back in January of 2009, I penned a fanfiction for an old TV series, “Scarecrow and Mrs. King” for a fan-based internet group for that show and soon became hooked on story-telling.  Through that group I met Jan Gordon.  It was an idle comment made by Jan in reply to my review of Black Silk (Jan’s newly published book) that inspired me to write my first original story.  Over the course of the next two months, I hastily scribbled down a suspense-driven romance entitled Forever In Time and presented it to the world in August of 2009.

What readers are saying:

“If you like stories that will have you glued to the pages, guessing how they are going to end, then Forever In Time is for you!  With suspense at every turn and romance sprinkled throughout, it is a fantastic read that I highly recommend!”
-- SC Stephens – NY Times best-selling author

“Wow - great read! Nicky Charles does it again - good pace, surprises all the way, keeps you hooked to the end! Loved it!”

-- N. Miller